Suggestion: Start Testing Your Equipment

Hang your hammock from a tree, make sure you familiarize yourself with what types of trees can support it, how much weight it can hold, and practice taking it down in a rush.

Go for a few rucks in full kit, including body armor etc. You may rethink some decisions you’ve made deciding weight etc.

Break in your boots, make sure you’re comfortable in them and they’re the right type for your foot.

Practice cooking on your camp stove with your mess kit, to ensure it is usable for the purposes you desire.

Sample your prep foods, buy accessory items such as canned meats, dried fruits, and bullion/seasoning flavors to make it more palatable for morale.

Learn basic takedown procedures, maintenance, and common failure points in your chosen firearms, try to have a few extra parts such as bolts and springs in your stockpile.

Whatever advice anyone gives you, the best situation/ gear is what you are familiar with and know how to use.

Personally, I’d go to war with a seasoned marksman who has experienced combat armed with a .22lr than a moron armed with the latest H&K black-scary-rifle